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Training Resources

Create a Personalized Training Schedule

We recommend you create a training guide tailored to your race, your pace & the number of training weeks you have available. Runner's World Magazine's Smart Coach can give you a customized plan that will help you stay on track and ensure a proud finish.


Treat Your Feet

Running shoes are the most important equipment a runner has. Having a wrong or old pair of shoes will cause your running to be inefficient and can cause injury.  If you're looking for some new sneaks, we suggest a visit to our friendly supporters at Philadelphia Runner. They will analyze your specific shoe needs for free and match you with the perfect sneaks!

Philadelphia Runner


Runners' Nutrition Guide

You'll maximize your training & performance if you know what to eat and when. Here are some articles we've found useful:

Fuel Your Body

If you're looking for an energy bar that's good and works good, try out Motley Fuel the official energy bar of Students Run Philly Style. Motley Fuel is made from local and organic ingredients and a percentage of all proceeds go to Students Run.  How yummy is that?

Motley Fuel

Motley Fuel is for sale at Philadelphia Runner, Joe Coffee Bar & Pumpkin Market

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