Carolina Jimenez, Program Intern

Carolina attends the Academy at Palumbo. Aside from running she is a part of the sculpture club at her school. She is also an honor student and volunteers at the library over the summer. She completed two marathons and three Broad Street Runs. She did the Summer Art Program for High School Students at PAFA in the summer of 2016, the Fleisher Art Program during the fall of 2015, and MAST at Haverford during the winter and spring.

Favorite Students Run Event:

The marathon was one of my favorite events. Even though some people believed I wouldn’t be able to get through it or even finish it, I finished strong. I didn’t care about proving them wrong, but more so that I proved to myself that I could do it and I could finish. My first and second marathon were both very memorable. I finished my first marathon with my one of my siblings who was a great runner back in her day. I finished my second marathon and ran the last mile with my eldest sibling who still continues to run to this day.

I can’t run without:

My knee bands, comfortable shoes, several hair ties, and a running buddy.