Chelby Elam, Program Intern

Chelby Elam is a 16 year old rising junior who started interning with Students Run Philly Style in July 2017. Chelby goes to school at Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber and has been running with Students Run since the 9th grade. Chelby is a freelance photographer and is a pro dog walker. She is involved in Cross Country, Track and Field, and the journalism/media program at her school.

Favorite Students Run Event

Scoop n Loop and the Broad Street Run. I like the Scoop n Loop because it’s fun running in a loop and trying to get as many points as possible by eating ice cream/water ice. I also like the Broad Street Run because everyone’s cheering for you, the course is flat and also because my whole team usually runs it. Most of the time people don’t stay committed to running the half or full marathon but everyone usually does stick with Broad Street.

I Can’t Run Without

Somebody pushing me. If I don’t have anyone that I want to beat or someone pushing me to get a better time the race usually goes bad or I don’t push myself enough.