Charity Runners Making a Difference in Philadelphia

With the Blue Cross Broad Street Run weekend over (phew!), we wanted to give a big shout to our AH-MAZING charity runners who Ran for Philly’s Future and will raise over $50,000 for our program.

Run for Philly’s Future is Students Run Philly Style’s charity running program. Participants are teams or individuals who pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon or 5K, or completing a triathlon or cycling event, all while raising money to help youth in Philadelphia participate in Students Run Philly Style.  Selecting from one of our charity partner events (like the Blue Cross Broad Street Run or the Philadelphia Marathon) will provide you with a race entry – and a fundraising minimum goal of $500.

When you become a charity runner for Students Run Philly Style, we make fundraising easy.  Ongoing fundraising support, group runs, and inspiration from staff along with an personalized fundraising webpage make it easy to reach the $500 goal.

Not convinced that raising $500 is easy OR fun? Here’s an idea:

Hold a Beer Olympics!  

Don’t pretend like you’re not excited about this idea. Have people sign up in teams (the number of members can vary based on the size of the competition) and have them pay an entry fee to participate in various drinking games (flip-cup and beer pong are standards, but almost anything can be made into an appropriate drinking game).

At the end, give medals to the Gabby Douglases and Ryan Lochtes of the beer world. Entry fees should be calculated based on the size of the games, so make sure you factor in the cost of beverages and snacks. No one likes a party without snacks!

Check out some other creative ways to reach the $500 goal here.

So think about us next year if you don’t get into Broad Street lottery (or just want to secure your entry while doing some good at the same time!) or if you are thinking about reaching your goal of 26.2 miles with the Philadelphia Marathon.  We’ll help you Go Farther!