Training & Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas

  • Set a fundraising goal that is challenging but attainable. Committing to a goal will help motivate you.
  • Create your own personal fundraising page for Run for Philly’s Future. When building your page, convey why this cause is important to you. This page will give potential donors an easy way to see your message and give.
  • Make a list of individuals and groups who could become possible donors. These could include family, friends, fellow members of clubs or teams you are on, neighbors, coworkers, local business or anyone who wants to help youth!
  • Include creative donation amounts such as:
    • $26.2 (a dollar for every mile, if you’re running a marathon)
    • $50 (a new pair of running shoes for a student)
    • $100 (we are 100% sure we can do this)
    • $262 (ten dollars a mile for the marathon)
    • $500 (helps a student reach the Blue Cross Broad Street Run or AACR Philadelphia Marathon)
    • $1000 (because it doesn’t hurt to ask)
  • Write a letter (or email when appropriate) to each of the people or groups on your list.
    Some notes to remember for the letter:

    • Always direct the letter to an individual.
    • Make your purpose clear.
    • If you are writing to a business, ask for a specific amount.
    • Give a brief reflection on the cause you are running for (Students Run Philly Style) and your commitment to this cause. Let your excitement to fundraise show.
    • Share your fundraising goal.
    • Include donation amounts (below).
    • Indicate how people can donate (online through your page or by check) and who their donation goes to
    • Share that all donations are full tax-exempt as Students Run Philly Style is a 501c3 non-profit. Our tax ID is 81-4223573.
    • Include creative donation amounts (see list above).
  • Make it easy for people to give. Always give people the link to your fundraising page and the information they need to mail checks. If you are mailing letters, include pre-addressed stamped envelopes.
  • Send prompt thank-you notes upon receiving a donation. Run for Philly’s Future’s Future staff will make you aware of all donations that are mailed in.
  • Keep your donors updated on the progress of your training and your fundraising mission.
  • Be creative! You aren’t limited to the fundraising ideas here.
  • Throw a fundraising party if the spirit moves you!
  • Think outside the box!

Training Resources

Create a Personalized Training Schedule

We recommend you create a training guide tailored to your race, your pace & the number of training weeks you have available. Runner’s World Magazine’s Smart Coach can give you a customized plan that will help you stay on track and ensure a proud finish.

Check out this article from Be Well Philly for training ideas and tips.

Treat Your Feet

Running shoes are the most important equipment a runner has. Having a wrong or old pair of shoes will cause your running to be inefficient and can cause injury.  If you’re looking for some new sneaks, we suggest a visit to our friendly supporters at Philadelphia Runner. They will analyze your specific shoe needs for free and match you with the perfect sneaks!

Runners’ Nutrition Guide

You’ll maximize your training & performance if you know what to eat and when. Here are some articles we’ve found useful: