Student Runner



If you are a grade 6-12 student who lives and attends school in Philadelphia, you are eligible to participate in the Students Run Philly Style program.

Student Runners will…

  • Meet other amazing youth from all over the city
  • Take on an impressive challenge with the support of an adult mentor
  • Learn the life sport of running
  • Become part of a movement of positive youth development
  • Participate in training 3-4 times/week, fun summer events, leadership development and academic enrichment

What Students Say…

Students Run Philly Style means the world to me. It’s not just a program that coaches students through nine months of hard training to run in a 26.2 mile run but it also comes with the benefits of friendship and dedication. When you finish the program, you don’t think about all the training, you think of the friends you made along this journey. For first time runners, don’t let this be your last time, join again see if you can challenge yourself to beat your own times.
–Anthony F.

Students Run Philly Style is a program that really got me active again. It also became my second family. All the people in the program were great. When I went to college I missed them as much as I missed my family.
—Anthony A.

Students Run Philly Style really helped shape me and prepare me for challenges and my teammates helped me become who I am. I love this program and everybody in it. Thank you very much. : )
—Carson A.