On A Roll

Two weeks ago marked the ending of our first ever Blue Season of Students Run Philly Style!  After 14 weeks of practices, 3 road races and countless miles on the run, we chose to have another first: roller skating to celebrate all of our accomplishments. For many of our students, this

“How Do I Start Running?” And Other Questions

“Wait, how old are these kids?” I get asked this question a lot. Most recently, I was in Stanford, California last week visiting two close friends from college, an extension of our staff trip to visit Students Run L.A. in honor of their 25th anniversary.  My friend, who is an incredib

Home is where Students Run is.

As some of you know, this is the first year that I am a parent of a Students Run Philly Style runner. From the beginning, I believed in my heart and soul that Students Run could really help young people realize how great they are. I believed that transformation would be BIG for a lot

Crunching the Numbers

Every new job comes with those little moments where you think to yourself, “what on Earth did I get myself into?” My name is Pete DeCarolis and as the new program coordinator for Students Run Philly Style, those moments started to happen pretty much right away. Now don’t get me wrong;

Charity Runners Making a Difference in Philadelphia

With the Blue Cross Broad Street Run weekend over (phew!), we wanted to give a big shout to our AH-MAZING charity runners who Ran for Philly’s Future and will raise over $50,000 for our program. Run for Philly’s Future is Students Run Philly Style’s charity running program. Participan