What has Students Run given me?

What has Students Run Philly Style given me?

We’ve been asking our students and running leaders this question for the last few weeks.  We’ve gotten some great responses. Everything from passion, to belief in the impossible, to fun.

As we’re closing in on ten years, I thought it was a good time to go inward and ask myself the same question. There is no simple answer for me, and on any given day the responses would vary greatly. However, some things rise to the top of this list:

Emotional endurance


Sleepless nights


Insurmountable joy





More pride

But by far, the single most significant thing Students Run Philly Style has given me is purpose.

I believe strongly in living a life of intention. I work hard in my personal and professional life to create experiences that are meaningful. I believe small details really matter. I also believe in the big picture.

Ten years ago I didn’t know what “Philly Style” was. It was my purpose to lead the charge in defining it, and to gather the people in this city that would make it their own.  Every student, parent, board member, running leader, staff member and sideline cheerleader that gave me the gift of a relationship, also gave me purpose. For that I will be forever grateful.